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            Release notes: version 2.1.18


            1. Unenroll from a skill or course

            Here is how you do it on a skill

            You may see the option not available on all courses and skills, here’s a list of situations where we disallow courses from being unenrolled or removed.
            1. If the course is a compulsory course assigned to you.

            2. If the course has been pushed to you by your manager or a trainer

            3. If the skill is pushed to you by your company HR or a trainer.

            4. If the course is a mandatory course in a skill which you have self enrolled to, you would need to remove the skill in order to remove the course.

            Finally, remember if you do remove yourself from a course and skill, you lose all your associated analytics, while you may have studied the course, our system will remove you as a learner on it.

            2. Creating a copy of a Module

            In our last update, we allowed the cloning of self paced and classroom modules, in a similar manner, we have allowed the copying of live modules into the same skill. This will copy the webinar with the embeds added to webinar for a seperate audience.  

            3. Allowing the copying of a self paced module within the same skill 

            In our last update, we allowed the cloning of self paced and classroom modules to different skills, we had a requirement to be able to clone the same self paced module within the same skill. This has been made in this update

             4. Changes on Buzz 

            We now allow buzz posts to be shared by users. This is backend configuration which can be updated for your clients. We can share the post with a team ( refer to earlier release notes to know what are teams) or we can share the buzz with a select set of users. You can also share these within a skill: reach out to us to discuss specific client requirements. 

            sharing a buzz post
            Buzz also has the option of creating a team while posting the buzz itself, if you click on create a team, you get directed to the create a team page, where you can create a team and then post the buzz on the team. 

            creating a team on buzz

             5. Idea Generation - configurable at the backend

            We now have a new feature called Ideas , ideas work much like buzz, the only difference being how it is shared and the authoring lying with a certain set of people. This can be configured at the backend. 
            creating & sharing an idea

             6. Ability of a manager to share a document to his reportees

            Managers can now add a document to a user's profile. This can be used for appraisal letters etc, personal documents that a manager may want to send to a user. We have re-used buzz to a specific user for this feature. When a user adds a document to a user- it sends a buzz notification to the user, from where the user can add the attachment to his/her private profile. 

            manager sharing documents with reportees



             7. New setting on module authoring

            We received a lot of requests from trainers to be able to lock their modules while authoring them on the site. We have included a  check on the trainer view under audience.  This is available on self paced modules and classroom training modules

             8. Ability to create a journey and assign it to users: configurable from the backend. 

             Many clients have a requirement to create a journey and push it to users. Here a trainer can create journeys and assign it to various users. 

            trainer creating journeys

             9. Ability of a trainer to add documents from a classroom training

            As on the learner view, the trainer also has the ability to add documents to a user's profile on a classroom training. This can be particularly great for when a trainer has his own assessments per user or some tests that the user may want to share with users. 
             trainer adding documents

            If you have any questions or you need any features enabled, please drop us an email and we can get it done for you.

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