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            Release notes: App

            Hi Team, 

            This is the first time we are sharing the release notes for Disprz Apps. Please note that many of the changes may not be applicable to your clients. Traditionally we roll out changes to the web first before we roll them out on mobile, so there would be places where you may see some features on web and not on app- these will be coming up shortly.  This is a summary of all changes that have been made in the past 2 months, please feel free to upsell features to your clients since they are now available on app as well. 

            1. Uploading attachments on assignments

            Now we can upload attachments on subjective assignments via the app. Here is a brief snapshot of the process

            Now we can add links/ youtube links on buzz posts. Simply search, copy and paste these links on the Buzzpost . Clicking on the link will redirect you to the right site. 

            We can now add links, images and videos on chat. 

            4. Showing my completed courses as a separate tab on home. 

            You can find your completed courses as a separate tab on home. Here's a snapshot. 

            5. Teams

            5.a: Editing and deleting teams on apps  : You can now edit a team and delete it on the app, provided you are the admin and it's not a default reporting team.

            5.b: Default reporting teams: As a user you now have default teams mapped to you, this is your team with your manager and your peers. If you are a manager you will have 2 teams, one with your manager and one with those who report to you. You will find these teams under reporting teams. 

            5.c: Posting buzz and chats directly from teams.  Now you can send buzzposts and chat with team members directly from the teams section. 

            6. Intercom support on App 

            We have intercom support on app, in the burger menu. However, this is only available for clients who have signed up for dedicated support. 

            7. Quiz: Sections and results 

            If you have a quiz with sections, we show the section name with the question, as well as the breakup of the score section wise. Here you can see a snapshot of each. 

            8. Locking out modules on forced due date. 

            This is an extension of the same feature on web. If a trainer puts a hard deadline on a module, this is locked out for users on both web and app. 

            9. Allowing users to unenroll and change batches on ILTs

            If a user has signed up as a confirmed participant on an ILT, the user can unenroll and change their batches ( provided the batches have capacity and are available for self registration). 

            Updated: 31 Oct 2018 11:31 PM
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