Release notes: version 2.1.20

Release notes: version 2.1.20


1. Feedback on courses

You may see this pop up when you login on the platform. In our effort to make sure you get the most relevant and the best reading material on the site, we need you to help us review the courses. Please take a moment to fill out this short survey and help us get better content to you. 

2.  Faster search with a more user- friendly filters

Search became a lot faster!! Do check it out! Also, we made it simpler for you to find exactly what you are looking for with easy to use filters. While search you need to experience yourself, here is a quick gif to show you how the filters became easier to use.



1. Export users to excel

A trainer can now use the "Export to Excel" option in a classroom training, to download the list of users in a batch. This list can further be used to upload the attendance for a batch, with some minor changes. 

2. Hard due dates and accommodating learners

In our previous release, we had allowed a trainer to set a hard deadline on due dates, this is especially important for
time- bound learning and compliance courses. However, we also realized this comes with the need to accommodate learners who could not start or sign up on courses in time. So here goes, we have allowed trainers to extend the dates on a course with hard deadlines. So all those users who could not complete it in time, can go ahead and complete it on the new date. 

3. Ability to clone an Instructor-led Program

We now have the ability to clone an ILT, if you clone it within a skill, you clone it with the batches, details, content and
participants. If you clone it to a new skill, you cannot clone participants, since the participant list will depend on users added to a particular skill. 


1. Restricted admin user

Restricted admin users who have Trainer access will only be able to add users to modules and skills from the company that they administer. 

2. Performance improvement on the user section. 

We brought in the enhanced user selection widget to the admin section as well. Now you can load more than 20,000 users in seconds. 

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