Release Notes: Online Academy

Release Notes: Online Academy


1. Scrolls and view all on the homepage

We have now enabled scrolls on the courses and program widgets, to make the site look more clean and neat. The view all option takes the user to all the courses/ programs listed. This is available both on template 1 and template 2.

2. Drop downs on the top navigation

Many customers asked us to allow drop downs on the items in the top navigation. We have now implemented this on both the templates and is only available for courses and programs. You may have seen this SEO friendly practice on e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Myntra etc..,


1. Ability to preview 

Earlier a user could only view the changes made on the live site post clicking the save option, this could get a bit tricky for sites which are already live since changes would reflect real time. We have now introduced the preview option on the authoring section, which allows a user to see how the page would look before they click on publishing the settings. 

2. Ability to create custom widgets on the homepage 

With the customization requests coming in, we realized that clients wanted a degree of flexibility in the ability to change the look and feel of their homepage. 
Here are the steps to create these widgets 

Step 1: 
In the homepage section, under home page-click on adding a section and section configuration

Step 2: 
Once you add a section- rename this section - pick if you want to display this. You can also edit and delete this and add another if you like

Step 3: 
Once you click on edit, you get 3 options. 

a. Program template: Here you can create a subset of programs- e.g if you need to create a section called trending programs, most searched programs, latest programs etc. 
b. Course template: You can create a subset of courses- e.g. if you need to create a section called trending courses etc. 
c. Text template: This section gives you access to the Fraola editor, where you can create your own page. We have allowed you to only pick from specific templates since there are certain restrictions on the layouts on the website and this way we can make sure things look clean and legible. We now have 6 templates to pick from which are a variation of video, image and text layouts and we will keep adding designs based on user feedback. 

Once you select and create the widget- click on
section. You can also fix the position in the order section.

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